What Parents & Students Say

What Parents Are Saying About Actual Life Skills 4 Teens

“After this class, my daughter makes an effort and does a lot more around the house and doesn’t give us any back-talk about it.” – Bonnie



“From my experience as a speech therapist I know that sometimes parents don’t have the easiest time teaching their own children. I knew that if my kids came into an environment where there were other childen and it wasn’t coming from me, then my kids might take it as a more valuable lesson and then bring some of those lessons home.” – Bridget
“I signed my girls up because in high school they are memorizing formulas for classes and dates and times for history, but they aren’t learning a lot of basic life skills.” – Steve



What Teens Are Saying About Actual Life Skills 4 Teens


“I am going to tell my friends how much fun class is.” – Carly, 16
“I can now cook dinner for my parents!” – Hannah, 13
“In class we learned about the really small amount of interest you earn in
a savings account, so now I am working to make enough money to open
my own investment account.” – Josh, 15



“I was surprised at how fun class was. The first day I thought
it would be bad, but now I am happy to go.” – Colin, 12
“I learned how to budget money and only buy needed items, not what I want,
but instead what I need.” – Carli, 12
“The class was really fun and the location is cozy and happy.
I loved the whole thing.” – Camille, 12