You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Q: What ages is the class geared toward?
A: Students in grades 6-12 typically do very well in this class. But you know your child best and can determine if the class is right for him or her.


Q: Is the class just for girls?
A: No! So far we have had just as many boys as girls in our classes. And both boys and girls leave excited about the new skills they have learned.


Q How many kids are in each class?
A: We keep classes small so that we can provide individual attention…typically we don’t have more than 10 to a class, with 2 instructors. (Note: we do require 4 students in order to begin a session.)


Q: How much is class?
A: $345 for the 6-week Sunday class; summer camp is $345 for the 1/2 day, and $485 for the full day.
Q: When do I need to register?
A: Please register as early as possible – we prepare an individual dossier for each participant with their specific life information, and that takes time. At a minimum, we typically close registration one week before class is about to begin.